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HMS Rodney

HMS Rodney
Steve Jagger, SJ Media/Dennis Andrews.

HMS Rodney

The life story of the battleship that did the most to sink the Bismarck and saw much other service in the Second World War.

The Royal Navy battleship HMS Rodney was one of the most famous warships of the Second World War and remains a legend in the pantheon of naval history.

In May 1941 Rodney turned Bismarck, the pride of Hitler’s navy, into twisted metal, then participated in hard-fought Malta convoys, not least the epic Operation Pedestal run of August 1942. She later supported the D-Day landings of June 1944. Rodney’s vital role, via formidable naval gunfire support, in breaking the morale of German troops during the battle for Normandy, is also outlined in this book.

Through the eyewitness accounts of her sailors and Royal Marines we discover what it was like to live and fight in a battleship at war. The stories of previous British warships to carry the name Rodney, dating back to the 1750s, are covered too, including the vessel that took on the batteries at Sevastopol during the Crimean War.

We learn of the many famous fighting admirals who served in, or commanded, Rodney, including Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham and Admiral Sir John Tovey.

In addition to a fresh perspective on Bismarck’s destruction, the book seeks to present new insights into the inter-war mutiny that saw Rodney dubbed ‘the Red Ship’ and a bomb hit in 1940 that nearly destroyed her. There is even an account of how a group of the Second World War battleship’s sailors took part in a trailblazing British commando raid.

It all makes for a thrilling, epic account of naval warfare.

RRP £16.99 (paperback)
£13.50 when published direct from Pen & Sword Books

Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781848848702

HMS Rodney book

‘…the author’s vivid style ensures that the narrative is never dull and conveys something of the power and majesty of these vessels. He also covers the wider context, explaining the effect of various inter-war treaties on ship construction. Colour is also provided by interweaving accounts from members of the ship’s company throughout the story…one of the book’s strengths is its coverage of life on board. These stories capture the spirit of the officers and ship’s company, whether under air attack on the Pedestal convoy to Malta or on a run ashore in Gibraltar.‘The Naval Review’.

‘HMS Rodney’s story is vividly brought to life in this book by a host of eyewitness accounts which highlight what it was like to serve in a battleship in both peace and war.’ ‘Ships Monthly’.

‘This fabulous book tells you all you will ever need to know of this most famous of the famous warships!’ ‘Britain at War’.